Commercial Cleaning

Modern offices are usually characterised by open spaces and shiny surfaces that make them look very professional and neat. However, many of them can be difficult to maintain in a good shape and a dirty carpet or stained tables are not a welcoming view for employees. Additionally, the cleanliness of a venue reflects the company's way of handling business. Tidy Job understands various needs and that is why we offer professional cleaning services, accustomed to offices' requirements. Because of our experience in the field, we are aware of the fact that your needs may be different from those of other buildings in Dundee. If you want to get more information about our offer, scroll down or contact us.
Commercial cleaning

We understand that every enterprise may have different needs and requirements. A small local company has less space to be cleaned than a huge corporation. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a price list adapted to the numbers of hours necessary to take thorough care of a particular place. You can also choose the frequency of cleaning services as you like. We work all around Dundee!

  • 10 hours per week £11,50 P/H
  • 20 hours per week £11 P/H
  • 30 hours per week £10.50 P/H
  • 40 hours per week £9.50 P/H
Our attractive prices start at as low as £9.50 per hour!
In order to find out how much a particular service will cost exactly, please send out a filled form, which is available on our website. The more details we will obtain from you, the more precise the quotation of a given case will be. We need to take into consideration such aspects as, for example, the location of an office, its size and the preferred frequency of cleaning services (it can be both one-time cooperation or a regular one).

We are open for cooperation and willing to adapt to your enterprise's particular needs. Thanks to our cleaning services, both employees and clients will be pleased when they enter the office. Keeping it neat is certainly a great way to make a good first impression.
Commercial cleaning