Regular cleaning

Because of the fast pace of life, sometimes people have to choose some activities over another, and usually the chore they procrastinate is regular cleaning. In the long them it may negatively influence not only the cosiness of their houses, but also the safety of the environment. Many people dream of the day when at least a part of their chores are done for them.

Tidy Job team will make their dreams come true! We have vast experience in cleaning, dusting, washing and polishing various surfaces. Our regular domestic cleaning will make your house fresh and safe, and you will be able to use your free time to the fullest. Please note that we work mostly in the area of Dundee.

Regular cleaning

Our domestic cleaning includes:

All rooms:

  • cobwebs removal
  • vacuuming
  • dusting of picture frames, furniture, woodwork, shelves and skirting boards
  • furniture vacuuming (also under cushions)


  • worktops and wall tiles cleaning
  • cooker front and hob cleaning
  • large appliances exterior cleaning
  • microwave interior cleaning
  • small appliances cleaning
  • floor washing and vacuuming


  • showers, bath, sink and tiles cleaning
  • mirrors cleaning
  • toilet cleaning
  • chrome polishing
  • floor washing