Express car wash Dundee

You are always in a rush. You cannot remember where you left your wallet and you have to go out again in a couple of minutes. You never have the time to clean your house, let alone your car. Sure, you wish you could finally take care of that, but there is simply no time to do it. If you can sympathize with the matters mentioned above, our company has something for you.

Tidy Job offers a variety of car valet services in Dundee and Carlisle but our “express car valet” will work perfectly for every busy person in the area. This option assures the outside of your car is thoroughly washed. After that, we will dry it with microfibre towels and wax it. Shiny windows are a must for our company, so we will carefully wipe them. The last activity we do is dressing and cleaning the tyres. The people of Dundee and Carlisle are being encouraged to contact us about our special mobile car valet service and so are you.


Available types

Full Car Valet

Our Full Car Valet service in Dundee includes both interior and exterior cleaning. If there is any rubbish inside of the car, you do not have to worry about that. Our complex service means that we will take care of that and it will be thrown away. We make sure to clean all the seats, mats,upholstery precisely. We also use air refresher, so that when you enter the car, you will be welcomed with a pleasant fresh smell of your vehicle.

Full Car Valet Plus

Full Car Valet Plus service includes all the work that the Full Car Valet does, but also includes hand-polishing as a bonus. We take care of the exterior cleaning, so that your car will be shiny and protected from the impact of sun, rain and salt. We provide using high-quality specialized detergents so that your vehicle will be professionally cleaned with an amazing smell when you will enter it.


Mini Car Valet in Dundee

If your car needs cleaning and you want to find affordable option, this variant is for you! We provide precise exterior and interior cleaning of your vehicle. We also do hand-drying, waxing, washing tyres, door shuts and windows. Our Car wash in Dundee includes vacuuming inside of the car as well. If you want to know more about our services, you are welcomed to visit our subpages.