Valet & Hand Polish

Valet & Hand Polish

Small/Medium Car: £43.00 | Large Car: £53.00

In order to take thorough care of a car, a lot of time and effort is necessary. Both the inside and the outside must be neat and shiny, if you want to make a good impression with your vehicle. However, you do not have clean it yourself. In Tidy Job, you can order a professional car valet in Dundee and Carlisle at affordable prices and do not waste your energy on that.

In this variant of our services, we clean all the litter and carefully vacuum all the interior, even including the boot, if that is your wish. What is more, we take care of all the plastic parts, such as the dashboard and not only. So that it would smell nice inside, we use a superb air refresher. We work on the outside as well – we wash the body of a vehicle, dry it with a microfibre towel and also do the tar clearance and hand polishing.

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