Wash & Vacuum

wash and vacuum

Wash & Vacuum the inside of your car is a mess – there are some chips laying around the back seat and it should be physically impossible to get so much sand and mud on your shoes only. The outside does not fare much better – it may not be the worst, but you might have forgotten the real colour of your vehicle. Do not worry any more, with the help of our car valet services in Dundee at attractive prices your car will look shiny and new soon.

When both the exterior and interior of your vehicle are not in the best shape, choose our “wash and vacuum” option. This mobile car valet service is incredibly cheap for Dundee but is very detailed and thorough. It includes washing and waxing, so you may be reminded of the colour of your car paint, window cleaning and tyres dressing. Additionally, we will vacuum the inside of your vehicle and rinse any dirt remaining on the door shuts.

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