Full Car Valet in Dundee

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There are many more pleasant ways of spending your free time than cleaning the car. However, it is a great feeling when you drive a really neat vehicle with a fragrant interior. In order to enjoy that without any effort, you can just contact Tidy Job and choose one of the variants of a mobile car valet, provided anywhere in Dundee. Our prices are diverse, so that almost everyone could benefit from our offer. It is worth knowing that we offer gift cards as well!

In Full Car Valet, we include both exterior and interior cleaning. What is more, we will take thorough care of the wheels and tyres. Do not worry if you have collected a lot of rubbish – it will be thrown away in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the shampoo used on seats and mats, as well as a marvellous air refresher, you will be welcomed with an amazingly pleasant smell every time you enter the car. 

Available types

Express car wash

Exept Full Car Valet, we have also other variants of cleaning that our customers can choose. Express Car Wash is an option for people who are always in a rush and expect their car to be precisely washed in a short period of time. Our car wash in Dundee hires people who will take a good care of your vehicle and provide a quick and effective work.

Full Car Valet Plus

Full Car Valet Plus is a service that we provide in Dundee which includes deep cleaning of exterior and interior of your vehicle. If you want to see your car shining, smelling amazingly fresh and be tidied up, you should pick that option. We use very good detergents so that the effect will last longer than using regular chemicals.

Mini Car Valet in Dundee

This variant is especially good for people who want their car to be precisely washed but not at big cost. This option is affordable, although it includes vacuuming inside, washing outside of the vehicle, the tyres, door and windows. If you want to know more about the services we provide, you should check our other subpages.