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Mobile Car Valet

Dirty environment is not a very pleasant one to spend one's time in. Due to everyday tasks and activities, as well as the weather, the interior of the car slowly becomes messy. With time, mud brought in from the outside, bread crumbs and spilled beverages will contaminate every vehicle. Our company has an answer for you - a professional car valet in Dundee offering competitive prices. Besides cleaning its interior, we also take care of hand washing and drying car paint, windows, tyres and rims. Thanks to our help you will be able to relax, while our employees will be working on making your car seem brand new.

Car valet

In Tidy Job, you can get a high-standard car valet. We are offering various services associated with auto spa, so you may choose which ones suit your needs best. We can do, for example, vacuuming, exterior or interior washing and more. It is a mobile car wash, hence you do not have to go anywhere - we will come to any place in Dundee.

This kind of solution seems to be very attractive to many of our clients, who complain about not having enough free time. If you also do not want to waste your time on vacuuming and polishing, feel free to contact us, and we will thoroughly clean your car while you drink your favourite cup of tea or relax on a sofa.


Express car valet is an option for people who need their cars quickly and carefully washed. Our employees will meticulously clean the outside of the vehicle, including wiping windows with special wipes and dressing the tires. It is available for cars of all sizes with the prices starting at £10.

Mini Car Valet

Our "Mini" variant is perfect for people who want their vehicle to be fresh and clean inside and out, but do not want to pay for our complete service. It includes hand washing, drying and waxing the entire car, followed by vacuuming the seats and the mats, as well as picking up any litter left inside. Available from just £22!

Part Valet

Order our mobile interior car valet if you want to make sure your vehicle is spotless inside. We vacuum the seats, mats and the boot, additionally removing also pets' fur.Collect any litter and dust off all the remaining surfaces in the vehicle.prices starting at £17.


We offer Wash&vacuum option for customers that need a quick and reliable cleaning of their vehicle. Our employees, with the help of conscientiously selected products and accessories, will wash it from the outside and vacuum its interior. Starting at just £14 is frequently chosen by a number of customers from Dundee.

Valet & hand polish

This service was designed for demanding customers, because all the work is carried out by our employees manually. The body of the machine is thoroughly washed, dried, waxed and even polished. We wipe off the dust from the surfaces inside and vacuum the mats and seats. After that we leave an aromatic air freshener - all included in the price of £32!

Interior car valet

Order our mobile interior car valet if you want to make sure your vehicle is spotless inside. We vacuum the seats, mats and the boot, additionally removing also pets' fur. Thereafter we wash the seats and mats with a professional shampoo, collect any litter and dust off all the remaining surfaces in the vehicle. The service is available at the price of £37.

Full Car Valet

This is our most popular service and it includes washing, drying, vacuuming and waxing the vehicle. Moreover, our team pays attention to every little element of the car, polishing the door handles or dressing the rims and tyres. After finishing our work we will leave a beautifully scented air freshener. The prices start at £42.

Full Car Valet Plus

Full Car Valet Plus is our most expensive proposition. The prices vary from £55 for small and medium vehicles, up to £65 for larger ones, like a Van or 4x4. The service includes all the activities of our full valet, as well as hand-polishing of chosen surfaces and any additional works requested by the customer.


A car interior that is constantly used will sooner or later become dirty - that is perfectly normal. Dust will appear, some contaminations from the outside will be accidentally brought inside and not only. However, there is a way to avoid wasting the time on taking care of such mess. All you have to do is contact our company and order professional cleaning services. We will transform your vehicle into a neat and shiny machine in the blink of an eye.

Tidy Job offers an efficient and thorough mobile car valet. You can order our high-quality auto spa and we will come to any spot you name all around Dundee. We will take care both of the inside and the outside of your vehicle, including tyres, door shuts, dashboard and more, if you wish so. The mobile car valet is a great solution that will save your time and effort.


Customers that need their cars cleaned, will be happy with our mobile car valet service in Dundee and the area.

Our high-standard steam cleaners will leave every surface perfectly hygienic, at the same time working in a very ecological way.

Thanks to our professional services you will be proud of your vehicle's appearance and you will make a good impression whenever you go.

We only ever use thoroughly tested substances, to make sure the interiors, car paint and the wheels do not get damaged in any way.