Revitalize Your Car with Tidy Job Ltd - Your Mobile Car Wash in Dundee

We are Tidy Job Ltd - a mobile car wash serving customers in Dundee and the surrounding areas. Our company was established in 2014, and since then, we have been continuously growing to provide excellent car cleaning services. We take pride in our experience and passion that we put into every task. Our qualified team of specialists has extensive knowledge and expertise in car cleaning, ensuring the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. As a mobile car wash, we offer free mobile services directly to your location. You no longer need to worry about driving to a car wash or waiting in queues. We provide convenient, hassle-free, and professional services at your doorstep, workplace, or any other convenient place. We also prioritize environmental protection and use eco-friendly products and technologies that are effective yet gentle on the environment. Our services are personalized and tailored to your individual needs and preferences. We invite you to experience our comprehensive range of services, including interior and exterior cleaning, polishing, ceramic coating protection, and more. Whether you have a personal car, SUV, or a fleet of company vehicles, we are ready to meet your expectations. Thank you for your trust, which drives us to continuously improve our services. We are ready to take care of your car and provide it with shine and cleanliness.

Mobile car wash in Dundee


Mini car valet

We clean both the inside and outside of your car, which also includes trash clearance and tires dressing. Includes exterior car washing, drying with a microfiber towel, waxing, window cleaning both outside and inside, indoor vacuuming, cleaning wheels, removing rubbish and dressing the dashboard.

Wash and vacuum

Our car wash service cleans wheels, dresses tires and more. Service includes exterior car washing, drying with micofiber towel, waxing, exterior window cleaning and internal vacuum.

Part valet

Includes internal vacuuming, caring for internal windows, air freshener application, rubbish removal and dressing the dashboard.

The express car valet

This option is perfect for those of you who would like to order the cheapest and fastest service available in Tidy Job Dundee. It covers all the major jobs such as exterior car washing, exterior window cleaning, drying with microfiber towel and waxing. Includes also cleaning wheels.

Valet & hand polish

We take out the rubbish, we dress all the plastic parts, we vacuum the inside and do a lot more. Includes hand polishing, which will make the varnish more resistant to rain and sun.

Car valet interior

Our mobile car valet can only focus on the interior of your vehicle if that’s what you need. For example, we will clean the lockable doors and the dashboard.

Full car valet

In addition to the works mentioned in the Mini Car Valet, we clean carpets and seats to make the interior of your vehicle look nice!

Full car valet plus

In this case, in addition to the previous services, we get rid of tar and do manual polishing. This will ensure your vehicle is protected from winters road salt and dirt of UV rays. Using a durable varnish sealant and wax, it will protect and maintain the varnish for twelve months, making cleaning and maintenance easier.