Cleaning Services and Car Valet

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Thanks to our services, you will save your time and energy for more pleasant and productive activities than cleaning your flat again and again. We can visit you just one time or on a regular basis, for example once a week, a fortnight or a month, depending on your needs and preferences. We provide all the detergents and equipment.

We are willing to cooperate not only with individual clients, but also companies. In this way, you can have a clean office that is pleasant to work in without wasting your precious time. In order to get an estimated price, just contact us by a form available on this website. It mainly depends on the size and location of a workplace.


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In Tidy Job, you can get a high-standard car valet. We are offering various services associated with auto spa, so you may choose which ones suit your needs best. We can do, for example, vacuuming, exterior or interior washing and more. It is a mobile car wash, hence you do not have to go anywhere - we will come to any place in Dundee.


An office or flat that is constantly used will sooner or later become dirty - that is perfectly normal. Dust will appear, some contaminations from the outside will be accidentally brought inside and not only. However, there is a way to avoid wasting the time on taking care of such mess. All you have to do is contact our company and order professional cleaning services. We will make your place neat and shiny in the blink of an eye.

What is more, we work as a mobile car wash as well. You can order our high-quality auto spa and we will come to any spot you name all around Dundee. We will take care both of the inside and the outside of your vehicle, including tyres, door shuts, dashboard and more, if you wish so. The mobile car valet is a great solution that will save your time and effort.


We function not only as a house and office cleaning company, but also, as a mobile car valet from Dundee.

Our high-standard steam cleaners will leave every surface perfectly hygienic, at the same time working in a very ecological way.

Thanks to our professional services you will be proud of your vehicle's appearance and you will make a good impression whenever you go.

order our professional cleaning services in Dundee and get rid of the problem without wasting your precious time on such routine, exhausting and boring chores.